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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is Toronto the worst city
for single men??

A few weeks ago, I went through POF profiles for a single, male coworker. (I was killing 2 birds 'cause I also wanted to find another female coworker of ours on the site! Plus I was also very curious to see what the dating pool for males in their mid-20s.) I just thought to myself, there's gotta be someone on there for him!

However, reality set in as I went through all 30+ pages of profiles. Most of the chicks were really unattractive &/or fat &/or just slutty. According to J, my coworker, the handful of pretty girls are probably getting slammed by daily messages and probably won't respond to all of them.

I sorta felt sorry for J and all the other single guys. If this 1 dating website was any indication, his (& other single guys in his age range) selection was shit. The specimens only seem to worsen as the age bracket went up!

Fast forward to this post by Roosh V, 15 Reasons Why Toronto Is The Worst City In North America For Men.  Obviously, Roosh V is talking about getting laid as opposed to a serious, long-term relationship, so I wonder if his scenarios are actually true.

I can totally see them happening though, but dating-wise, I'd like to think that there are some genuine, attractive people out there for both single men & women!  The hidden 'secrets' are the immigrants, I tell ya as opposed to the natives that are frozen-over, literally and figuratively speaking.  

If you're a single guy in TO, what do you think?


posted by Stephania at 10:25 pm
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