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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Bachelor:
Sean Tells All

or at least why he dumped Sarah, the girl with one arm:  She was a bad, passionless kisser.  Not because she has 1 arm.

On the last show, he dumped Des, the brunette who looks like she works at Whole Foods, 'cause her brother is an asshole who questioned his character.  Not getting along with a partner's sibling is uncomfortable for the holidays.

He dumped Selma, the Persian chick who refused to kiss him 'cause she was a prude.

He dumped Lesley, the blond chick who works on the Hill, 'cause things were still awkward between them and she didn't let her guard down enough to tell Sean how she felt about him.

He dumped Tierra, the psycho, manipulative chick who kept feigning injury, 'cause his sister told him not to choose a girl who NO ONE gets along with.  Duh.

Remaining chicks:  
Ashlee - the older chick who was adopted, is overly serious and emotional :S
Lindsay - the general's daughter.  Personally, I find her boring.
Catherine - my personal fav, although she seems a bit "young" acting, but at the same time, is level-headed

At the podium, while waiting to propose, it seems as though someone gives him a long letter...possibly dumping him.  Who's the author - Catherine already seems to have a pattern of writing him letters - and what does it say??


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