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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Big Brother Canada

I usually scoff then cringe whenever a Canadian version of an American show is announced, especially if it's a reality show!  However, after checking out the cast and seeing quite a handful of ugly people, I had to make an exception and tune in...at least for the premiere.

Correction:  I don't know if it's these people are ugly OR just normal lookin' and that I've been brainwashed by plastic people from American shows.  (You know that chicks are getting breast implants/nose jobs just before their appearance on something like The Bachelor!!!)  It's as if I hafta lower my expectations and "re-adjust" my eyes for the Canadian versions.  

Anyway, in Canadian fashion, the premiere was pretty much 1 HUGE yawn, i.e. introduction of people just vying for camera time = embarrassing.  

Aside from plastic surgery, it seems as though Canadians are still behind in yet another aspect of television production, editing.  Why?  Well, the premiere ended with absolutely no pull factor of drawing me back in for the next episode.  I guess the 'pull' is supposed to be finding out who will be the first person eliminated out of the house, but honestly, I.  don't.  care.

Major production fail.  Why haven't they showed clips of people walking through the house naked, people hookin' up, someone backstabbing someone else??  You know, the usual reasons why a show like this would draw an audience!


posted by Stephania at 10:41 pm
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