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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Trader Joe's Wine Reviews

I thought that I had hit the "Cheap Wine Jackpot" when I heard about the prices of spirits at Trader Joe's. So on a recent trip to NYC, TJ was definitely on my to-do list!

Two-Buck Chuck would NEVER happen up in these parts!  Just to give you an idea, $10 would be considered "cheap" wine in Ontario, with bottles of $15-20 being an average price.

After some online research, I made a shortlist of wines that were raved about and here are a couple that I actually ended up buying with my review...

Trentatre Rosso 2010 (~$6)
Ick, blech, and vinegar were my initial impressions of this Italian "wine". I know that wines are subjective, but I really find it hard to believe that ANYONE with tastebuds would recommend this sharp blend of CabSav/Merlot/Montepulciano.

Instead of listening to reviews, I should've just looked at the label, recognised it as a blend, and placed the bottle back on the shelf!

I don't speak Italian, but I believe trentatre = 33, but it's 33 shades of gross! Would not even drink if I were underaged and this was the only thing 'round. I was forcing myself to finish the bottle, but I ended up making a mulled wine, much better, with the last 1/4 of the bottle.

Btw, I surveyed my FB friends and mulled wine was the best option for what to do with bad red wine!

Amusant Bubbly Pink Moscato
Ok, yes, it's really girly, but hey, I'm a girl. And it's also $6/bottle, so how could I go wrong??  I actually purposely chose the pink moscato over the regular 'cause I knew that it would be sweeter.  Moscatos are usually sweeter anyway, but I was gonna be sharing it with people who prefer sweeter, the better, so pink it was!

I opened it for NYE and it was totally worth the $6.  Would definitely buy this Californian moscato again - special occasion or not!

Stay tuned for 2 more reviews of wines that I need to start drinkin' ;)...


posted by Stephania at 8:06 pm
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