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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An Open Letter to
Smart Canucks

Firstly, I would let to clarify that this letter is not written out of bitterness with a disgruntled "ex-blogger" as the author.  I am using quotes because I was never told that I was fired, per se, but the settings were changed on me, I was no longer able to publish, so I have to assume that I've been fired/let go.  

(Last week, I did email the owner of the blog to inform him about this and that if he was trying to fire me, simply let me know, and I haven't heard a peep from him.)

There is a right way and a wrong way to do things.  Right way:  "I don't have any money to pay for additional bloggers" &/or "I no longer need your services" email.  Wrong way:  Change settings on me, ignore my emails, and hope that I'll just get the hint and go away.

Contrary to the other bloggers who've been let go as well, I consider myself to be lucky 'cause at least my last invoice was paid!

YES, technically Smart Canucks and I never had a contract, so the owner doesn't really owe me anything.  However, informing someone that they're no longer needed is not only part of the job, but it's professional.

So man up, Boo!  Pay all your outstanding bloggers, give a long-time employee (not me) a nice parting gift - not to mention a big fat apology, and let people know, as a courtesy, that they're no longer needed.

Update: Apparently, all the bloggers have been paid. Even if that's the case, the owner should still officially let go employees who he no longer needs!

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posted by Stephania at 5:04 pm
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