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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mariah Carey's

Note to self:
-  refresh my voicemail message with the beginning of this track
-  gigantic boobs = power
-  get famous so that I can make a ridic video to get back at exes!!!

I can't believe I didn't blog earlier about Mariah being on AI for a cool $18mil. Bad MC fan, ban MC fan!  Even though I've outgrown AI, I'll watch just for her.

And who's excited for new Mariah?? THIS GIRL and I'm not even gay!  :)))  Hopefully, it'll be out in time for my bday.  That would be a gift in itself!  Release date for the single, "Triumphant" is sometime in August.
Anyway, not sure how legit this is, but apparently, it's snippets for her new album.


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