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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What about the seller's protection?

Dear eBay,

Here are some facts about my case. Please note the time frame thoroughly:

3/11 - sold Agent Provocateur 'Iona' bodysuit, NWTs, at a fraction of the original cost. It retailed for 175£/$350USD. No longer made, btw.

Offered buyer 2 types of shipping: Airmail (no tracking, only $100 insurance), Surface (still no tracking, fully insured). Buyer chose Airmail which was the cheaper option.

There is no tracking for International packages sent out of Canada unless I courrier the item, e.g. UPS/FedEx = EXPENSIVE = no one's gonna wanna buy if those are my shipping options. :(

3/13 - shipped to buyer in the UK.

3/24 - buyer opens a case against me claiming that he hasn't received the item yet. Counting the business days, this is only 7-8 DAYS. Delivery within that time to the UK is next to impossible!

I respond to buyer asking him to be patient and reminding him that item was shipped from CANADA --> UK.

4/1 - eBay informs me that they will be making a decision on the case within 72hrs. This is a Sabbath, btw.

Within 12hrs, eBay makes the decision to withdraw the FULL amount, including the shipping fee, back to the buyer.

As the seller, I am now without the product (which is pretty much irreplaceable) AND out close to $300!!!

eBay, as a seller what I am paying you for?? I'm sure that banks in third world countries have even more regulation than you do. How in the world can you withdraw money out of what is essentially my bank account without my authorisation??

And the buyer may likely have already received the item PLUS all his money back, so how is that fair??

eBay's argument is that the decision was made so quickly because I did not provide a tracking number. And I've gone over it with you time and time again, that your policy is completely null and void because it doesn't even apply to the shipping options that are offered by Canada Post.

When I spoke to one of your reps this morning, his solution was to call the buyer to kindly ask if he'd send me back the payment if he has received the item. HOWEVER, he is under no obligation to do so and without tracking, there is absolutely no proof that he's even received the item.

So what I'm asking, with all the ridiculous fees that you're charging is either you a) give me back all my money, each and every penny OR b) send me a replacement for the item that was "lost", in the condition/size that I sold, new with tags.

I'm sure that you have some kinda fund for mismanaged cases such as mine. And again I ask you, WHAT DO I PAY YOU FOR ANYWAY??!!


posted by Stephania at 2:23 pm
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