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Friday, November 04, 2011

Prince's"The Beautiful Ones"

One of my all-time fav Prince songs. (Mariah did an equally beautiful cover on the '97 album, Butterfly. Fuck that reminds me that my disc is pretty scratched up, so I need to get a replacement!) In this Purple Rain version, it's soo powerful, especially towards the ending when the it becomes more conversational to Apollonia.

And guess who's coming to dinner town?? None other than the His Royal Badness, The Purple One Himself, PRINCE for his Welcome 2 Canada Tour!!!

I distinctly remember the last time he was in-town, I had a gorgeous, Parisienne coworker who went to the concert. She literally melted as she described him, "St├ęphanie, you don't underztand. He's soo sexie! He's soo short, just a bit taller than you, tiny and wearz zee heelz, but when he zings it's like..." Her convo trails off in endless squealing.

How come I suddenly feel like watching Purple Rain...again?? Story of my life. Whenever I feel like watching a movie, it's always well past the stroke of midnight.

Sometimes I wished that I turned into a pumpkin at midnight. So at least it would be easy for me to go to sleep. Okay, no, not really.


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