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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Don't get a speeding ticket. Like ever.

Car insurance-wise, don't ever get a speeding ticket.

Wondering why my insurance was a bit steep, I decided to get an insurance broker. After all, I'm driving a beater and my record was clean...or so I thought.

Anyway, after a long line of questioning, I was given a much better quote, about $20/month less than what I'm paying now. I was absolutely thrilled to be saving some money!

Later on that day, my insurance broker leaves me a message and wants me to call him back. Fine. I called him today and he said that the original quote that he gave me was invalid 'cause I had a speeding ticket...huh? WHEN? Answer: From fuckin' '07 which I settled in court a freakin' year later in '08.

So apparently, "it stays on your driving record" means that your insurance shoots up, in my case, as much as $20/month...for 3 years. Over than span of 3 years, that adds up to $720!!! How is that even fair that I am essentially being "punished" for something that was done soo long ago, that I took the effort to solve by going to court. Wasn't paying the ticket enough of a punishment?

I agree that your insurance should go up due to an accident where the driver is at-fault. However, I think there's a HUGE difference between causing an accident and speeding.

So FYI, the auto insurance here in Canada is fucked. Just sayin'.


posted by Stephania at 9:14 pm
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