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Monday, August 22, 2011

Let's NOT Go To The Ex,
A Disgruntled Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

I just visited The Ex today and I wanted to express my disappointment with how your staff handled my corporate discount.

Since I didn't know how many family members were going to show up, I was hesitant in purchasing tickets beforehand online - with the discount. And I was under the impression that it was not going to be a problem purchasing them in-person, as indicated on a printout, complete with the promo code.

First, I approached your box office near the Dufferin Gates, who sent me to there supervisor who was located in a trailer behind them. When I spoke to the girl in the trailer, she had no idea what I was talking about, and her actual manager was not there. Neither person knew how to handle my situation and simply told me to purchase tickets, at regular price, and see someone at Guest Relations.

Eventually making my way to Guest Relations, the person at the front desk also had no knowledge of how to handle the situation, so I asked if I could speak to her supervisor. The lady just disappeared into an office and when she reappeared, she told me that I was not able to purchase corporate tickets, in-person, etc. etc.

What I am upset about is the following:
1) Staff seemed disorganised as to how to handle a situation which I would think seems like a fairly common one;
2) The amount of time I wasted getting a run around, bouncing from staff-to-staff at the Box Office - Manager of Box Office - Guest Relations;
3) The Manager of the Guest Relations didn't even have the decency to come out to speak to me and basically used her staff as a messenger, and;
4) In the end, aside from a bunch of "I'm sorry", my problem was never really addressed. I was never offered a refund for the difference for the admission that I paid. That's all I wanted.

Overall, I am quite appalled at the non-chalant and unprofessional attitude as displayed in the (mis)handling of this situation. After decades in operation, I would expect a level of knowledge as to handle such an issue which seems like an easy fix to me.

Thank you for your attention,



posted by Stephania at 7:58 pm
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