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Monday, August 22, 2011

The CNE, a.k.a. "The Ex" has boiled down to this.

Currently, one of Toronto's most overrated "attractions" has got to be the Canadian National Exhibition, a.k.a. The CNE, a.k.a. The Ex! Admission is $16/person and it doesn't get you very much. And for families, especially ones with lotsa kids, I really sympathise with you!

(My mom's corporate rate wasn't honoured. I was under the impression that it wouldn't be a problem to purchase tickets with her discounted rate, in-person, but when I got there, all I got was the run 'round + a bunch of "I'm sorries". So...things didn't get off on the right foot!)

Despite being lame as hangin' with granny, kids are gonna want to go on the rides AND play the games. :( For 22 ride tickets, it's $20, and each ride is approx. 4-6 tickets. Games are another expense at ~$3 a pop!

Remember that these rides are haphazardly set-up, run by kids, and are probably the same ol' pieces of steel as they were when I was a child. I felt as though I was having deja-vu as nothing is new.

Shopping is also lame, lame, lame! Merchandise consists of old nail polish, DVDs/games - who the heck still DVDs, in bulk at that, anyway?, disposable fashions a la Siblings, Bluenotes, Stitches, and other crap which eventually falls apart, and just random mishmash of garage sale offerings! NO DEALS.

The building which had stuff categorised, according to country, was slightly more interesting, but there's still nothing that I'd buy. Ironically, I'm sure that half of the merch was made in China anyway, so disregard the country names listed above the stall!

The Farm + The Canadian Military thing are just modern forms of propaganda. I do support eating locally and farmers, but I don't believe that all animals are treated humanly on farms.

As for the Military set-up, all that was missing was an Uncle Sam "I Want YOU!" poster. It sort of disturbs me that more than half of the people who were at that display were kids. Canada does play an important, peacekeeping role when it comes to the military, but I just couldn't help but feel as though they were "planting a seed" early in regards to joining the military. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe kids are retards &/or suffer from A.D.D., and don't think much after they've seen bombs, guns displayed or sat in a war plane!

And lastly, The Food Building. Still the #1 draw as far as The Ex is concerned. How did they fare this year? Alright. Although there is no way in hell that I'm paying $8 to sample the disgusting Krispy Kreme Doughnut Burger or how ever much the Fried Butter/Coke cost! Those caloric-ridden items don't interest me as much as the variety that's under one roof.

To get the most out of The Food Building, share, share, share. That's probably the only cost-efficient, not to mention healthy conscious way to make it through the meal. Most portions seemed enough for at least 2 servings, so keep that in mind!

Overall, the admission for The Ex is unreasonable, considering all the other crap that you hafta pay for. Blame it on inflation, but it's just not what it used to be.


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