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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Remember The Swan?

Well, I just received The Ugly Duckling-inspired reality tv series, on DVD box set, in the mail...yesterday! The Swan aired on FOX, of course, in 2004 and made its way onto DVD 2 years later.

While watching the tv series again, the recurring emotions that came up was titillation ;)...combined with utter SADNESS. How could so many women go through life not only "never feeling beautiful", but also let their insecurities paralyze them?

Furthermore, half of these contestants, surprisingly enough, aren't single but are in fucked up relationships. And by fucked up, I mean that they have partners who don't support them &/or have cheated on them. Wow, what a recipe for disaster!

Another ingredient that ironically contributes to their insecurities may be the end of each episode where the "winner" is announced. (The "winner" goes onto the plastic, Barbie-doll pageant set-up by the devious producers of the show!) Doesn't it say to the "loser" that they're pretty, but not pretty enough to participate in the sham of a pageant?? Sorta the same trauma that they went through while being teased as children?

Anyway, it's pretty mind-blowing what these plastic surgeons can do! And although I don't think it's for me, I'm not entirely against plastic surgery, especially in the following cases...

1. Witch/Big Nose
Large noses are fine on men, but when it's on a chick, it can look masculine. This is especially true if the rest of your facial features are small. Ashlee Simpson's nose wasn't that bad, but don't you think it looks better now?

2. Banana/Saggy/
Asymmetrical Breasts
Add breast reduction to the list. If&when you're done child-rearing and your boobs aren't look their finest, I wouldn't judge you if you've gotten these procedures.

3. Flabby, Wrinkly Stomach
It's hard to believe that this stomach was the result of bad lipo, but I'm talking about post-childbirth/weight loss, cutting away of extra skin which not only adds lbs to the scale, but isn't very becoming.

This show is slowly brainwashing me 'cause now I'm thinking of what surgeries I need!


posted by Stephania at 11:22 am
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