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Monday, May 09, 2011

Random: Slicked Back Ponytails

Despite lovin' fashion/beauty, I am still learning what does/n't work on me. And unfortunately, slicked back ponytails go under the DON'T category.

My hairline isn't particularly notable and I have waaay too many baby hairs that go astray! So even product doesn't help the sitch, unless of course it's my technique that is in question.

In any event, I've decided that slicked back ponytails aren't becoming on me. (Looser, brushed-to-the-side ponys are much more flattering.) And you know what that means, time for a haircut! :)

Maybe I'll get a boring, grown-up cut to match my new boring, grown-up glasses!


posted by Stephania at 1:24 am
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