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Monday, April 25, 2011

Is "who's coming to dinner" even an issue here in Canada??

I just finished reading J.C. Davies' book, I Got The Fever. If you've ever wanted to know, but were too shy/PC to ask, Davies exposes what it's really like to date someone of the following cultures: Latino, Asian, Black, Indian, & Jewish.

Having done my fair share of online dating and not really seeing race as a barrier, I knew that I had to read it! I was curious to see if my experiences matched up (or not) to what was written in b&w.

Aside from curiosity, another reason developed for reading the book: I wanted to know if it was going to tell me anything that I didn't know about the above ethnicities. The answer? There were 2 new things that I learned, I counted.

I grew up in a primarily Italian/Portuguese neighbourhood. At my all-girls Catholic high, Caucasians seemed like the
minorities. And not meeting any Jews, as I was educated in Catholic schools up 'til high school, I made up for this by going to York U...where even Gentiles had the High Holidays off!

So getting back to the topic of interracial dating, is "who's coming to dinner" even an issue here in Canada?

Currently, I Got The Fever is only available through amazon.ca here in Canada.

***Stay tuned for my interview with J.C. herself! It'll be up in a week or so.***


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