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Monday, April 04, 2011

Maple Syrup = Superfood??

Move over blueberries, cranberries, acai, goji, soy beans, quinoa, salmon, etc. etc. and make way for Maple Syrup. Maple Syrup? Yes, Maple Syrup...not to be confused by that brown crap that you buy at the store with Aunt Jemima on it!

(The next time you see Aunt Jemima or other grocery store brand syrup, read the label as it is chemicals and not derived naturally.)

According to a new study, Maple Syrup has been tooted as the next superfood, containing antioxidants and a whole bunch of other good stuff.

I was quite surprised to hear these findings, although not delighted as I don't eat enough of the honey-like condiment to make a dent to my overall health. How often do I make/eat pancakes? Besides, this stuff AIN'T cheap!

To its credit though, like honey, maple syrup apparently doesn't go bad - with the exception of eventually growing a blanket of mold on the surface that you can just scrap off and make it all good again. Don't quote me on this technique as I have not personally attempted it. I'm just reiterating what the internet says.

In addition to not using enough Maple Syrup to "count", I'm also skeptical as the study was funded by the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Is this even ethical? Isn't that a conflict of interest? I'm assuming that if there were any negative findings that they wouldn't be printed.

Unethical or not, I think everyone should proceed with caution before they overindulge in this superfood, especially if you happen to fall into the category of the typical Quebecers diets, i.e. cigarettes, alcohol, lotsa meat 'n cheese!

Click here to read news story.


posted by Stephania at 10:42 am
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