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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

White Women Who F%$@ Black Men

Just a general observation, as opposed to a racist comment, but why is there a specific 'look' to White women who have Black boyfriends? Or should the question be: Why do Black guys date White women who look some mutant strain of skank?

I'm dead serious about this. Whenever I see a Black guy, he's never with a White chick who looks regular.

Description: The chick's body can either be really curvy or stick skinny. Like 99% of the time, she'll have fried dyed hair that's bleach blond &/or some other unhealthy lookin' hair that has blond streaks in it. Her clothes are almost always skin tight. In general, she's a butterface with anorexic eyebrows. Fucked up make-up, a must! And despite the variation, she almost always looks nast-tee, i.e. Hazmat worthy. A girl who definitely wears her freak on the outside.

I asked my African-male coworker this question and he said that the White chicks that Black guys date, in the surrounding area, tend to have "jungle fever". So the assumption is that these White chicks sport telltale signs of this "fever", in order to alert suitable mates. Sorta like how the peacock fans out his decorative tail.

(I'm not so sure what comes first though, the look or the man? Perhaps it can be either.)

Instead of just another interracial couple, they look more like a pimp+his ho to me.

Now that was a racist comment.

An awkward beat.

Cut to corny '90s music video...


posted by Stephania at 11:45 pm
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