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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Movie Briefs

Briefly, this is sorta delayed reaction, but Taylor Lautner's body is really off. the. chain. in New Moon.

Yes, it's sorta creepy that my jaw literally dropped whenever this 17-yo was topless, but whatevs. I just think that he really needs to be commended on his dedication and transformation for the role of Jacob.

Fuck Edward, the weepy, emo vampire. I'm definitely on TeamJacob!

And forget about The Morgans. Let's talk about how old Sarah Jessica Parker has gotten since Sex And The City movie...briefly!

While watching the trailer for Did You Hear About The Morgans? - nothing that I'd be interested in watching - I was just shocked at how bad SJP looked.

I'm not talking about her clothes, but her face. Deep set wrinkles, definitely more aged looking for someone who's only 44-yo. And besides, that wig that she dawns in the flick doesn't do her any favours! Her face-shape calls for NO bangs. And no one's foundation shouldn't be the same colour as their hair! Who was responsible for the hair/make-up on this shoot?

Anyway, SJP's definitely the poster child of why people shouldn't smoke. Thanks for the reminder, girl!


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