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Friday, November 27, 2009

I quit you, bitch!

Skipping lunch to watch Precious, I was absolutely famished after the fact. However, instead of having a meal at the mall, I decided to buy some time with a drink.

I know that that doesn't make sense, but I assure you, it did in my state of starvation.

J wanted to get a green tea from Tim Hortons, so naturally, I'd get my drink-as-meal from there.

Hungry and undecided, my eyes locked onto a poster promoting their *new* Gingerbread Hot Chocolate. (Sorta unrelated, but I really enjoyed a Starbucks holiday drink last weekend, so I just assumed that I could replicate this at Timmy Hoho's. ASSUMPTION FAIL.) Dunno why, but I'm neither super crazy about gingerbread, nor am I a hot chocolate type gal, but it was my turn in line so I just order. And boy, did I regret that spontaneous decision!

(Remember, I have former beefs with TH. My main complaint has to do with their iced coffee: ice ratio. My complaint was dismissed by the cashier and no one ever responded to my email regarding this matter. Other issues have to do with them being overrated and the fact that some of their prices are a bit of a gyp. $3 for a teeny tiny soup? Why don't I just go buy a whole freakin' can from the grocery store for $0.99 and have leftovers for my family? Convenience, that's right.)

Where should I even begin? First of all, there was no "gingerbread". Secondly, there was this massive cloud of mutant whipped cream floating atop of the hot chocolate. Although I usually appreciate this fattening topping, this damn thing didn't MELT! When I was done with the drink, that solidified semen with chocolate syrup zigzagged on top was just sittin' at the bottom of my paper cup. Staring at me. Thirdly, it was waaay too sweet. It temporarily killed my taste buds. Considering all this for $1.87? I don't think so.

I'm not super picky, but I just think that everyone else either has absolutely no taste &/or are too complacent with things. Maybe I'm just pissed 'cause I'm a sucker for *new* things that aren't necessarily good!

Next time, when I'm really in a bind and there's nothing else 'round, it'll be something super oatmeal like orange pekoe tea. You can't really screw that up...or can you?


posted by Stephania at 10:57 pm
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