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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I've had many jobs in my life. Despite wearing these various "hats", I don't think I can hack it at the LCBO!

Sunday morning, I began my feverish search of a bottle of Cotnari's Feteasca Alba. (I couldn't find it by the end of retail Saturday.) According to their website, another location had it, so I just called ahead to make sure that they had it on-hand.

(I felt weird calling shortly after they opened at 11am on a Sunday. However, I reminded myself that real Winos don't binge on stuff like Romanian white wine, so that made me feel better.)

Upon my arrival, shortly after noon, I guess no one felt the same shame; the store looked as though people were preparing for the apocalypse! I couldn't believe that I was standing in an actual QUEUE.

I knew what I was doing there: Purchasing a wine that I enjoyed, wanted to share with friends...later on that day, and while I was at it, I was also gonna spare some of it to cook with! But what were these drunkies doing with their 6-packs, looking all anxious like??

It really freaked me out to be there. I could only imagine that the LCBO employees, despite their decent pay and benefits - so I've heard - see the same people, day in and day out. And no doubt that these "regulars" are alkies. How depressing.

I see "regulars" too, but they're just crazies. It doesn't make me depressed, but rather it makes me feel better about my life 'cause I'm not that bad in comparison.


posted by Stephania at 7:38 pm
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