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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Amish or Mennonite, huh...huh?

Mind my ignorance, but what's the difference between Amish and Mennonite? Honestly, they look the same to me.

Description: The men wear black hats with flat tops. Contrary to the stereotype, these particular people don't have Abe Lincoln facial hair, i.e. beards sans the moustache. They're clean cut with ruddy complexions. The ladies are quite rotund, sportin' white bonnets and long Little House on the Prairie dresses. The girls, much slimmer, wear the same long dresses 'cept, in floral prints as if made out of '90s drapery. The boys, like their fathers also have ruddy faces. All offspring are very well-behaved. They keep to themselves, 'cept muttering in what sounds like Pennsylvanian Dutch. I believe they drive automobiles as I have yet to see a horse+buggy in the parking lot - I'll have a good look the next time!

In any event, from time to time they'll come in to shop - usually 2-3 families at a time. With their arrival today, I remarked on how TALL and STOUT the men are built. (Perhaps staying "equally yoked" is the answer to producing tall children? Then again, homogenious communities face lotsa genetic problems. Nvm.) Contrary to their run of the mill Canadian counterparts, none of them look sloppy, with their guts hanging over their stretched out belts.

I brought this up with J and she said that it was because they erect their own barns, houses, whatever. I questioned whether or not this was true OR if the images from Witness are just singed into our heads. After all, they do shop and drive cars.

P.S. It's refreshing and much appreciated to see fit middle-aged men!


posted by Stephania at 12:50 am
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