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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


(Warning: Since I've joined the 9-5 workforce, albeit temporarily, I'll be bloggin' more frequently about food. 'Cause let's face it, office zombies not only use work as a distraction, but food + childlike things like Cinnamint flavoured toothpaste...with crystal breath strips!)

The other day, I had a craving a custard tart. There wasn't a Chinese bakery on my way home, so I decided to stop by a Portuguese bakery for a nata.

Despite making it before, and therefore, knowing the amount of egg yolks that goes into custard, I still like it! It really surprises me to hear that people don't like it 'cause custard seems like something that's neutral; something that is universally liked. What further stumps me is when these Custard Haters like creme brulée. That doesn't make any sense to me.

There was a dual-purpose for fetching a nata: In addition to satisfying a craving, I'd be comparing it to my people's version of the egg tart, pronounced dan tat. Dan tats are most commonly served at dim sum...also yum!

My verdict, comparing superior tarts from both cultures? Perhaps I'm biased, but I prefer Chinese egg tarts. When made well, the tasty shell should also be flaky. The custard is more egg-y than it's Portu version. It's a bit sweet, but not overly so.

Although I enjoyed the nata as well, I found it to be too sweet. And instead of that steamed egg texture that dan tats have, the custard in the nata was more similar to the gooey filling of a lemon meringue pie. <-- Not my fav! Depending on how it's made, natas sometimes contain a hint of cinnamon &/or lemon. Whereas dan tats are pure egg yolks, sugar, & a bit of vanilla.

Whether it's the nata or the dan tat, anything more than the occasional one, once in a while, would most definitely cause that thousand-knives-piercing-your-heart-rapidly feeling!


posted by Stephania at 9:22 pm
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