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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Depeche Mode's
"Wrong" (live)

First, let's get this straight: Lawn 'seats' at Molson Amphitheatre suck. Well, sorta:
(+ves) cheap, you can smoke - if that's your thing, more freedom to move 'round, & since you're further away, you're able to get a full scope of the concert, view all JumboTrons.

(-ves) since the 'seats' are cheaper, there're more riffraff that you hafta deal with, if you're a short, non-smoker, other people's smoke wafts straight into your nose, if it's raining, it's a muddy mess + you'll hafta stand, & unless on the JumboTron, you will not be able to get a good view of the actual performers, and therefore, you won't be able to take good photos.

DM was AMAZING. No cancellations, body double, stand-ins, understudies, Weekend At Bernie's, half-ass performances, or lip-syncing. ( Nowadays, I find it rare that performers are able to sound the same - if not better - than their studio recordings.) Also there were no signs of Dave Gahan's 'foot injury' as he continued to dance 'round with the mic.

I haven't really liked any of their music videos; in addition, I don't think they do Depeche Mode any favours. Their strength really lies in the live performance.

As per usual, Gahan was charismatic and sexy as ever! He appeared sober, but maybe he just did the 'right amount' of drugs before the show. Whatever the case may be, he & DM definitely did not disappoint!


posted by Stephania at 3:51 pm
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