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Friday, July 31, 2009


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I'm addicted to MLS. It's sorta like eBay, only with houses and no bidding. And it's not even for me!

My sister's waiting for mortgage approval, so I've started the search for her. At this point, I think I'm a bit more into it than she is! ;) Real Estate Agent = my adult job.

(I'm on my period, so it's easy for me to get obsessive about things. At first, I was just lookin' in areas that I liked, no budget, but then I started narrowing down the fields by plugging in my sis' budget. All I can say is that it was waaay funner looking with no budget!)

Anyway, I didn't know that this existed, but in my parts of my city there are 1-bedroom, non-trailer (bonus!), detached houses - lakefront!

I drove by the area today and it really reminded me of beach houses in Hawaii. There's just something romantic about downsizing!

Downsizing not because of financial constraints, but because you realise don't need to live in a monster house! (Who even came up with that mentality about "the bigger, the better"? Must've been a man, trying to overcompensate for something.) Living simply, just having what you need, & not a bunch of empty rooms for more junk to collect.

(I am full of contradictions though 'cause I can see myself pulling the Francis of Assisi, living in a 1-bedroom house, near the lake as equally as I can live in a larger, Mi SueƱo, still being afraid that I don't have enough "room". Allz I do know is that unlike older school Chinese peeps, I don't care for a BIG property. I do enjoy privacy, but I don't dig yard work!)

I can't afford a house right now, so in the meantime I'll continue to dream about my simple, hippie life, writing...near the water...

* My bubble has been burst. Apparently, these 1-bedroom "houses" are just trailers with their wheels knocked off!!! I'll just live in a mansion.


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