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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Far From Home"

Whether it's Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, or other, Tiga rocks this video. The Canadian DJ/producer/musician will be guest DJ'g @ CiRCA on Friday, June 5th.

I *love* this track + its prelude! Where can I obtain a Rhyming Dictionary? Now onto...

Stephania's Concert Listings

Wednesday, April 22nd
Lily Allen* w/ Natalie Portman's Shaved Head @ Sound Academy ***changed from Phoenix***, $27.50, doors 9pm - yours truly will be in attendance!

Saturday, April 25th
Bat For Lashes @ Mod Club, $15, doors 7pm

Monday, April 27th
M Ward @ Phoenix, $23.50, TM, doors 8pm - shoutout for D, as he really pushes M Ward. From the sounds of it, it's rather folky!

Wednesday, April 29th
Adele @ Massey Hall, $39.50, TM, doors 8pm - Should I go? She's been my personal Polkaroo 3Xs within the past year-and-a-half!

Thursday, April 30th
Thunderheist does Exclaim! 17th Anniversary @ Phoenix, $15, TM, doors 10pm

Friday, May 1st
Lady Sovereign w/ Hollywood Holt @ Lee's, $20, TM, doors 9pm - I swear, she looks like Mel C!

Friday, May 8th
Diplo, Paul Devro, Rory Them Finest @ CiRCA, $15, ticketweb.ca

Wednesday, May 20th
Peaches w/ Drums of Death @ Phoenix, $24.50, TM, doors 8pm - The Canadian electro-shock rocker has relocated to Berlin to do her thang. Please check out her opening act, DOD here on his MySpace! He's sorta industro-electro, definitely note worthy!

Saturday, May 23rd
Joel Plaskett Emergency, Ana Ege, Rose Cousins, & Bill Plaskett @ Massey Hall, $29.50-39.50, TM, doors 6:45pm

Tuesday, May 26th
Billy Joel & Elton John @ ACC, $70-275.50!!!, TM, doors - also performing May 30th

Monday, June 1st
Doves @ Koolhaus, $26.50, TM, doors 9pm

Fischerspooner @ Phoenix, $25, TM, doors 9pm

Gentleman Reg, A Camp @ Mod Club, $15, RT - The A Camp, as in Nina Persson's (The Cardigans) band??

Friday, June 5th
Tiga @ CiRCA, $15, ticketweb.ca

Sunday, June 7th
Isis @ Phoenix, $17.50, TM, doors 8pm

Tuesday, June 16th
No Doubt w/ Paramore, Bedouin Soundclash @ ACC, $63-106!!!, TM, doors 7:30pm - What happened to the $10 tickets, No Doubt, huh?

Sunday, June 29th
NKOTB @ Molson, doors 9pm - Someone(s) needs to pay the mortgage!

Saturday, July 4th
Def Leppard, Poison, Cheap Trick @ Molson Amphitheatre, $29.50-125, TM, doors 7pm

Friday, July 24th
Depeche Mode* w/ Peter Bjorn & John @ Molson, $31.75-95.75, TM, doors 7:30pm - Got my tix...that's an interesting opener!


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