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Thursday, August 28, 2008

"The Girl From Ipanema" (1963)

Obvious choice, I know, but do you realise how difficult it is to find a clip of Astrud Gilberto actually singing? Okay...she's probably lip-syncing here.

Anyway, I was gonna post this clip to say how quickly the Summer went by, but ytf is it snowing in the background while the chicks look as though they're extras off of Beach Blanket Bingo?

This would've been my second choice, especially with English lyrics, 'cause it reminds me of when I went through my "lounge" stage. I wish I had pictures of those days...or do I?

Btw, I won tickets to see Abraham Inc. (Jewish-funk) band tonight to kick off Harbourfront's Ashkenaz Festival! Guess who I'm taking?


posted by Stephania at 12:54 am
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