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Monday, July 28, 2008

Too Fat For That!

Buyer's Message: I received both tops today. I was really disappointed in the size. They are much smaller than a size 8. What is your return policy?

Seller's Thoughts:
1. You are too fat.

2. So now it's my fault because you do not fit that specific manufacturer's size 8??!! I think that those other (American) clothes makers doggone lied to yo' ass.

They also lied to me, but I didn't believe their bubbe meises. Mama don't raise no fool! Whenever I'm shopping in the States, an "S" is more like an "L" to me, so I'm relegated to the damn toddlers section!

3. Lemme get this straight...you wanna keep the 2 tops that you bought from me, that you got at a steal btw, and you want all your money back? Uh, yeah, um...okay.

I'm like really bad at math 'n stuff, but I'm pretty sure that your proposition leaves me in the -ves. Don't try to gyp a Jew Chink!

4. You are too fat.

Btw, the photo above encompasses everything that is still pure about the human race: being White, fat, disabled, and in utter denial. Double-click on the pic for the subject's secret on how he remains alive 'n well to this day!


posted by Stephania at 10:23 pm
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