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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Low-b? Not So Much.

One dream of mine is to make a film. Nothing fancy. Low-budget is okay, but most importantly it has to be a film that I write/direct.

I have yet to discover whether or not my actual passion lies in filmmaking itself 'cause other than a few segments on a local cable show and high school projects, I don't have any credits to my name.

Currently, my passion lies in writing & storytelling. Making a film is a means to attach a visual to an achievement. I am a firm believer in accomplishments being visual!

Having said all this, making a low-b film is proving to be rather EXPENSIVE - and I have yet to take out my wallet! The first expense I have to think about is obtaining a camera + cameraperson. Here are my options:

1. Rent a camera at a going rate of $190/day, plus $200/day required as a security deposit. +ves: I don't hafta spend $ buying a camera; -ves: Expensive, I hafta teach myself how to use it, and quality of footage not guaranteed.

2. Buy a camera. They don't make the specific model that my prod. suggested. However, there's currently a listing on eBay for ~$2000. +ves: Perhaps it'll be cheaper than renting, I'll have more time to spend familiarising myself w/ its usage, and I can eventually resell/rent it out after I'm done; -ves: Will this shit even work? If it arrives broken, I'm basically SOL - if it arrives at all. Oh, I will also hafta learn how to use it. Me not being technologically inclined, the quality may suck which = shitty, tossaway debut film, waste of money, Steph is broke, and slits her wrists in a blood bath w/ The Cure or The Smiths as the soundtrack of my untimely death. Hey, that can be a claim to almost-fame.

3. Hire a cinematographer...w/ equipment. Luckily, this is an option, but also quite expensive at a few hundred smackers worth of reality/day. (At this rate, I'll be spendin' money quicker than I make it.) +ves: don't need to fret about learning to use camera, being careful w/ it - esp. if it's a rental, what footage to take, and quality of footage; -ves: expensive, I'll have slightly less control about the kind of footage that'll be taken.

Beats "living" in oblivion, I suppose. Oh well, here's to my summer & beyond...

posted by Stephania at 11:09 pm
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