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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lost At Sea?

Is it just me or did the bride of the groom who's "missing" at sea, a.k.a. Jennifer Hagel (Smith), seem like a completely unemotional automaton on yesterday's Oprah??!!

If my husband went missing on our honeymoon, I'd be a fuckin' wreck. I'd show up on Oprah w/ my own box of Kleenex, rags on, no make-up, and my hair in a greasy nest!

Why were you arguing w/ that Royal Caribbean guy for like 5 minutes about inconsistencies about how you were treated? Who the fuck cares about you, a white, blond, rich girl...from Connecticut??!! Boo hoo...you were escorted by the Guest Relations Officer, as opposed to security/FBI. Boo-effin'-hoo. Puh-lease, my fetal nephew could give a better performance than that!

Fuck Gail. Fuck Oprah. Bring this bitch on Nancy Grace!

posted by Stephania at 1:00 pm
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