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Friday, January 20, 2006

Fidel y Trudeau

[Now Playing:
The Specials' "Too Much Too Young". I never was a fan of Bob Marley &/or his Wailers. Too much pub alt-rock too played out. For summer music, I'd rather listen to The Specials
Sublime, or The B-52's. As for reggae, I'm happy w/ Shabba Ranks, Mad Cobra, or any other Jamaican cheeseball of the early 90s. OMG!!! Remember that song "gal flex...ah...time to have sex...ah"? Click here to listen to "Flex". If anyone had sex w/ Mad Cobra, they'd die shortly thereafter. Ha, ha. I can put this track on repeat and still wouldn't get sick of it. I'm soo d/l some old school reggae/dancehall!!]

I almost forgot that Fidel & Pierre Elliott Trudeau were buds, until I remembered some details from a project that I did in grade school on PET. Then, while I was lookin' up pics to post, I was reminded that Fidel even attended PET's funeral in October 2000. Sad.

It's comforting to know that your "home and native land" has long, withstanding diplomatic relations with other countries. Speaking of this, I think it's really foolish that George Bush rejected Osama Bin Laden's olive branch with his broken-record line, "We don't negotiate with terrorists".

Bush must be smoking crack! HEL-LO...have you forgotten about 9-11 already? (Somehow I think the catalyst for the current "war on terrorism" has been lost.) Would you like a deja-vu of that incident? I'd fuckin' suck Bin Laden's dick if it meant the good of my nation.

I'm really curious to compare the number of people who died in the September 11th attacks Vs. the number of soldiers who've died thus far in this pride-driven war.

Anyway, I started off this post as an "adios" prior to my vaca. Don't know why it mutated into a polit's rant. I'm not even into politics. I think I'm just feeling overwhelming guilt and I'm overcompensating for missing the advanced polling dates for our current Federal Elections. Now I can't vote 'cause I won't be here. My bad.

I'll bid you all adieu in proper fashion. In a separate post.

Let's lighten this up, dramatically, with a quote from the succinct Shabba Ranks' "Trailer Loada Girls":
"Girls, girls everyday...from London, Canada, and The U.S.A...."

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